Nestor Palace Virtual Tour

Pylos Regional Archaeological Project:

Prepared by Rosemary Robertson
This reconstruction of Hall 64, part of the so-called Southwestern Building at Pylos, was commissioned by PRAP as part of a project initiated by J. Bennet and J.L. Davis to reinvestigate the building history and function of the structure. (see "Making Mycenaeans: Warfare, Territorial Expansion, and Representations of the Other in the Pylian Kingdom," in R. Laffineur ed., POLEMOS: Le contexte guerrier en Égée à l'Áge du Bronze, Lâge: Aegeaum, pp. 105-20. The virtual reality model was designed by R.J. Robertson in Cornwall, U.K. (" "), with advice from Bennet, Davis, and Maria C. Shaw of the University of Toronto.
The file is over 12 megabytes in size and requires the Quicktime plug-in.